Multi Span Film Greenhouse

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It's a kind of multi-span film greenhouse for growing vegetables or flowers. It has following features comparing with other kinds of greenhouse: Less structure use will reduce the structure shadow and provide more even sunlight for the plants.

●Lower cost than PC and GLASS greenhouses.

●Better at heat preservation in certain regions.

●We can provide various specifications in terms of span size, bay size, gutter height and roof height.

●All the systems from cooling system, irrigation system, computer control system and ventilation system, etc. can be provided. We can provide you a turnkey project.

●For installations, we have professional technicians abroad for guidance.

Covering material: 0.15 or 0.2mm plastic film;single layer film;double layer film;inflated double layer film

Frame Work: Double side hot galvanized steel structure

General Size:

●Span Length: 8m, 9.6m

●Bay Size: 4m

●Gutter Height: 3m-4m

Note: Other specifications are also available as per your needs!

project introduction

Thailand Chrysanthemum Film Greenhouse

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Construction Area: 4608㎡

Gutter Height:4.5m

For Chrysanthemum growing

Equipped Systems:Plastic Film, Outside Shading,

Side Shading, Wet pad& Fan Cooling,

Circular Fan, Darkroom, Power Distribution and

Auto-control System


We offer customized multi span film greenhouse of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale multi span film greenhouse from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.





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