Glass Greenhouse For Rose

Glass Greenhouse For Rose

Herbs and flower greenhouse is a kind of special type of greenhouse which is suitable for high quality herbs and flower production. Herbs and flower is very sensitive to the outside environment, so the environment control will affect the herbs and flower's quantity and quality.

Product Details

instructionRose greenhouse is a special type glass greenhouse which is suitable for high quality rose. Roses are very sensitive to external conditions such as temperature. The quality and quantity of roses depend on the environment in which they are grown.

The optimum temperature of rose growing period is 20-35℃ in the daytime and 12-15 ℃ at night. When the temperature exceeds 30℃ in summer, the growth is inhibited, the flower bud is no longer differentiated, and the seedlings will die after a long period of high temperature. When the temperature is too low in winter (15℃ below), the rose will enter the dormant period and stop growing. Therefore, to pay attention to the insulation measures of roses, to avoid harm and affect the growth. So the glass greenhouse is a good choice for growing roses 

Rose greenhouse features:

● Temperature control. The greenhouse shading system and other temperature control methods could be used to ensure that the strong light will not burn the roses, and to ensure that the rose will not be lose water because of the high temperature.

● Humidity control. A lot of inside environment control system and automatic parts could help you to control the humidity inside of greenhouse.

● Lighting control. Supplement light and shading system could make sure the greenhouse can reach the best quality and production accordingly.

Note: Other specifications are also available as per your needs!

project introduction

Rose Greenhouse

  • Ashgabat,Turkmenistan

  • Single layer glass greenhouse 22000sqm.

  • Build in 2013 and 2016

  • For cut rose production with auto climate control system

  • Computerized irrigation system, cooling and misting system

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