Research And Test Greenhouse

Research And Test Greenhouse

Research and Test Greenhouse also called quarantine isolated greenhouse, glass greenhouse or sealed greenhouse.This kind of greenhouse is generally used for quarantine and scientific research, such as crop research and quarantine test.

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Glass Greenhouse For Research And Test


Research and test greenhouse has a high seal requirement. It is a kind of special greenhouse with artificial climate adjustment.

Due to its generally small area, high precision for climatic conditions and complete supporting equipment requirement, research and test greenhouse generally uses automatic environmental control, including heating system, cooling system, humidity control system, artificial light source, shading system, irrigation and fertilization system. Automated environmental controls can speed up research and save a lot of money.

In research and test greenhouse, animal safety experiments, biosafety experiments, teaching experiments and so on could be carried out.project introduction

Research and Test Greenhouse

●Built by Hebei Agricultural University in Hebei, China

●Experiment and learning of modern seedling raising, cultivation, flower identification and three-dimensional greening of flowers and other aspects.



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