Fruit Greenhouse

Fruit Greenhouse
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We offer customized fruit greenhouse of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale fruit greenhouse from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.

Fruit Greenhouse

Fruit greenhouse can be used for high plants such as banana, dragon fruit, peach tree, grapes, etc, or for short plants such as strawberry.

The fruit greenhouses normally have large span size, with fewer posts inside, so the fruit plants can have more space inside.

Equipment: special part is the irrigation system, because trees density is not so high, but every tree need more water than vegetable, so normally the irrigation is circle drip irrigation for each tree to the root. 

Height: Height of fruit greenhouse can be from 5 meter to 9 meters.

Greenhouse type: Plastic greenhouse/glass greenhouse/PC greenhouse, just with more height according to the plant’s need.

Note: Other specifications are also available as per your needs! 

International Strawberry Symposium Project

●Double layer glass greenhouse  

●Used for strawberry growing and hold strawberry carnival every year.

●Automatic controlled greenhouse, equipped dozen kind of micro-environment control system, different ways of cultivation way to grow strawberry 





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