Hydroponic System For Vegetables

Leaf vegetable such as lettuce needs more light and water to speed up the growth. Therefore the covering material of leaf vegetable greenhouse is better to be glass or PO plastic film with higher light transmission rate.

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Characteristics of A-Shape hydroponic vegetables:

1. The system is mainly milky white capillary roots, used to absorb water and nutrients

2. Adapts to the aquatic environment, and there are some aerial roots on the periphery to absorb oxygen

3. Short growth cycle, early maturity



Treatment before planting hydroponic vegetables:

1. Wash the root soil or other cultivation substrate with clean water
2. Cut off old roots or dead roots, dead skin and excess lateral roots
3. Soak the roots with hydroponic plant disinfectant for 15-20 minutes for domestication
4. Rinse again with clean water several times, and then transfer to the culture container

Equipment: Hydroponics system such as NFT or DFT or aeroponics cultivation system, irrigation water disinfection and recycle system, water treatment system, EC/PH adjustment system, etc

Note: Other specifications are also available as per your needs!

Project instruction:

5,000sqm of plastic film greenhouse,PC sheet
Greenhouse, and also glass greenhouse
which were built in the year of 2018 in UA373

We offer customized leaf vegetable greenhouse of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale leaf vegetable greenhouse from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.





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