Venlo Glass Greenhouse

Venlo structure greenhouse is original from Holland, with 2-3 reidge every span. It is one of the most standard glass greenhouse structure in the world!

Product Details


●Designed for climate zones with cold and less sunshine, or light liked plants cultivation.

●Venlo type greenhouse originates started from 1950s in Holland, with characters of high light transmittance, less steel structure, small roofs and more gutters which have better draining effect, it has been spreading fast all across the world. With neatly appearance, Venlo greenhouse can be used as large scale and high quality vegetable, flower production greenhouse and entertainment greenhouse or greenhouse restaurant etc. 

●We offer optimized structure and matched systems under both soil and soilless culture, such as growing gutter, trellis system, nursery bench and suitable irrigation system etc.

Covering material: Tempered Glass (double Layer or single layer glasses)

Frame Work: Double side hot galvanized steel structure

General Size: 

●Span Length: 8m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m

●Bay Length: 4m, 8m

●Gutter Height: 4m-12m 

Note: Other specifications are also available as per your needs! 

Project Introduction:

Venlo type glass greenhouse built in Beijing, China in year 2013, with total area 3000 sqm, high automatic networking greenhouse. It is built for greenhouse exhibition and vegetable production.


We offer customized venlo glass greenhouse of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale venlo glass greenhouse from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.





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