Shandong ShuiFa Group Intelligent Glass Greenhouse

- Aug 03, 2020-

Location: Shandong, China

Project Scale: 334 Ha

Greenhouse: Multi-span Glass greenhouse

Project Instruction: Dezhou Qingyun Intelligent greenhouse has a total investment of 1 billion and is a typical model project of China's Facility Agriculture built by Kingpeng Group.The project is a model project of China's facility agriculture by Jingpeng Technology and a national modern agricultural demonstration project.

This project is a typical project created by Kingpeng and the first-class Dutch team. This project fully draws on the Dutch model. It uses the Internet of things technology and big data to build a "smart greenhouse" system, providing greenhouse environment information intelligent perception, reliable transmission, intelligent control, fine management, early warning and remote diagnosis of diseases and pests and other services. It has comprehensively improved the level of information technology in facility agriculture and built a production center that conforms to Global Good Agricultural Standards (Global GAP). The whole production process can be traced, the factory production, safety, standardization, specialization and industrialization of tomato, and the high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecology, safety and sustainable development of facility agriculture have been realized in this project.