High Pressure Fogging

High Pressure Fogging
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We offer customized high pressure fogging of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale high pressure fogging from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.

High Pressure Fogging

●Today’s horticulture calls for an environment continuously monitored and controlled for optimal quality and production. Your Micro-Cool fog system provides the tools you need to maintain even, constant temperature and humidification – integrated with your climate computer to work in concert with your ventilation system and other control elements.

●Wet pad and fan cooling system is made up by special paper porous wet pad, water-cycling system and low-voltage mass flow energy conservation fans. 

●The advantages :

1.Grow year-round in any climate. 

2.Optimize propagation. Even distribution means even growth and production. 

3.Anti-drip design. 

4.Fast, easy installation. 

●High Pressure Fogging systems deliver an unrivaled level of performance, quality and control.

●Integration with climate control systems — Take advantage of the manufacturer’s fog “programs” built into your climate computer.

●Versatility — Wide array of pumps and systems, can meet the needs of greenhouses of any size and complexity.

●Zone and sector controls — Create different conditions in various zones throughout the greenhouse.

●Micro-Cool precision FOCUS system — Perfect for germination and transplant rooms without any wetting.

●Non-drip nozzles — No marks or discoloration on fruit or leaves.

●360º nozzle orientation — Allows nozzles to be positioned where you need them, stops nozzle lines “twisting” on startup.

●Integral “last-chance” filter — Protects nozzles from materials that could get into the line.

Can work with Reverse Osmosis water — Reduces nozzle blockage by keeping them clean, and maintains 100% output of the system


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