Wet Pad And Fan Cooling

Wet Pad And Fan Cooling
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Wet pad and fan cooling

Wet pad and exhausting fan is generally used in greenhouse for forced cooling.

●The system works according to the evaporation theory, the pump sprinkles water to the paper pads and at the same time the hot air outside is pumped in to the pads by the fans; When the water evaporating from the pads, it will cool down the temperature in the greenhouse. It is an economical and effective way to cool down the temperature.

●Wet pad and fan cooling system is made up by special paper porous wet pad, water-cycling system and low-voltage mass flow energy conservation fans. 

●The advantages:

1.Investment and operation cost is low. The cooling load capacity is great. 

2.The equipment is simple. The energy consumption is low. The effect of cooling is well. And the service life is long. 

3.The usable area is large. 


Wet pad and colling fan used in film greenhouse:



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