Seedling Bench

Seedling Bench
Product Details

We offer customized seedling bench of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale seedling bench from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.

Seedling Bench 

●With width:1.60/1.65/1.70/1.75m (optional) and the length depends on the size of the greenhouse.

●With hot dipped galvanized steel frame or aluminum alloy frame. Heavy duty structure can support more than 70kg/m2 weight.

●There are two types of nursery bench: fixed bench and movable bench.  

●Fixed bench is fixed on the concrete floor and can’t move.  

●The movable bench has a turning handle and the bench can be moved.

●There will be a path of 0.6-0.8m between every two benches for staff walking and vehicle come in and out.



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