Electric Harvest Trolley

Electric Harvest Trolley
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harvest trolley


Electric Harvest Trolley is mainly used for the elevated crops harvest, crop training and hand-pollinate in the greenhouse, for instance, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Small size, low noise, simple structure, easy-operation and non-pollution give this Harvest Trolley excellent performance and the work efficiency can be improved more than 10 times than manual operation in greenhouse practice.

This machine relies on the electric motor to move back and forward with sensitive brakes and stepless speed regulation on the rails in the greenhouse. The workbench on the Harvest Trolley realizes the hydraulic lifting and descending automatically. Meanwhile, this machine can move in narrow space in the greenhouse with remote control.

Technical Parameter

Platform size (mm)1732*690
Base Distance From Ground(mm)700
Max. Platform Height (mm)2700
Max. Working Height (mm)4000
Weight (kg)330
Inside distance of steel wheel hub (mm)526
Central distance between the tubes (mm)446
Rail material60*60 steel tube


1. Steel welding structure, cross bracing lifting and descending system (3mm thick seamless steel tube) and antiskid aluminum board guarantee the reliable performance.

2. The moving speed is adjustable from 0m/s to 2m/s, and the height of platform can be controlled accurately and flexibly.

3. PLC control system and alarm warning tone are adopted for this machine.

4. Remote control is available.

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