Roof Washer Machine/masterwasher For Greenhouse

Roof Washer Machine/masterwasher For Greenhouse
Product Details



Product Description:

Manual Operated:
Manual steering unit:to permit manual operation and control of the roof washer and docking station.Controlled by the remoable remote control.

Remote control:
Removable remote control manually operates the movement of the dock, controls the ramps and operates the roof washer itself.

Products Details

Air vent safety switches:                                                                               Air vent Brushes:
Adjustable air vent switches                                                                         Adjustable air vent brushes for removing a               
which stop the machine when it makes contact with                                   dirt  unde the air vent window or against
partially opened air vent.                                                                              the gutter edge.There is a choice between                                                                                                                                         soft or hard brushes depending on the pollution.

1                                       brush

Gutter brush wide(.adjustable speed):                                                        Steps:
Gutter brush type 2: Wide version 300mm wide.                                                Alumimum steps mounted between the                                                                                                                                             of the frame so the top is accessible  for 

                                                                                                               arms maintenance.  


        4                                                               5                                    

Technical Parameter

Working width3.2m
Cable and hose on reels gutter length
Running speed adjustable washing/chalking up to20/30 meter/min
Supply Voltage400 Volt 50Hz
Power consumption 3.5Kw
Weight (options not included )385kgs

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