Electric Film Reeler

Product Details

instructionElectric film reeler use for different kinds of greenhouse side and top film rolling, double sides rolling, small area shading pulling, etc. It has features as manual drive in case of power failure, wrong wiring protection and overload protection.

Specification: voltage DC 24V and AC 220V and Power 40w, 60w, 100w, 120w, 180w;


 * High Torque: customized motors, high efficiency, high overload capacity.

 * Overload-proof: when the load is 1.5 times the rated torque, the overload protection device will activate to shut  down the motor. The motor can restart after 5- 6 minutes, but make sure removal of overload cause. The design is to prevent the motor from burning down under overload.

 * Long life durable: all parts are of high precision and quality.

motor film

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