​greenhouse Picking Stock Fruit And Vegetables In China Network

- Jul 08, 2016-

Layang strawberries, sweet corn, pick up welcome visitors. Xinhua learned from the Haidian District, Beijing Institute of, the experimental base of Strawberry interplanting fruit sweet corn in a greenhouse than ordinary corn in 1 month in advance, attracting a new wave of picking the visitors.

Agro-tech promotion station, said municipal Bureau of agriculture, strawberries and sweet corn interplanting techniques used here. On the same land, with some line spacing and width proportions, planting different crops, this approach takes full advantage of space and resources, reduce the input-output ratio, thereby increasing the economic benefits, is a highly-regarded production model. Strawberry succulent, delicious corn nutrient-rich fruit, sweet and tender taste, is the darling of the market.

Strawberries, corn intercropping together, will not compete for nutrients? , Director of the Institute of Zheng He, Haidian District said that both kinds of crops together, rather than "stubble", will also help each other. Strawberry is afraid of the heat, the late in the growth of corn leaf, Strawberry "umbrella" shade. In addition, the corn can be to dissolve applying fertilizer in strawberry cultivation process. Have been harvested Corn Stover can also smash into soil to increase soil organic matter.

Most critical is that two kinds of crop interplanting with can greatly improve efficiency, fruit and corn harvest is calculated by each Rod 10, can Strawberry income based on the original, 1 to 15,000 yuan to increase acres. At present, the interplanting techniques in Haidian, Changping six rings and sections on imperial agriculture experiment