2 Ha Glass Greenhouses In China Were Just Completed

- Jun 05, 2018-


2(2).jpg The new built greenhouses are located in Hebei Province of China, only 300km  from  Beijing. These new projects are totally 2 Ha in size and all adopt glass for  covering.  The 2 Ha greenhouses are composed of 15 multi-span glass  greenhouses.

 The new greenhouses are multi-function instead of single function.They are  designed for  the growing of cut flower, herbs, strawberry, different kind of  vegetables, and one  greenhouse is for Aquaponics.

As what intelligence brings to greenhouse is not only 1(2).jpgsaving a lot of human labours, but aslo providing a more precise environemnt for the plants, this new project adopted inteligent control system for the control and fertilization.  Inteligence will be more and more widly adopted in Kingpeng's projects.

As the largest greenhouse company from China, Beijing Kingpeng has projects in nearly all provinces of China, serving more than 2000 customers in China, and has exported to more than 50 countries in the world. Beijing Kingpeng is striving to achieve more for the agriculture in the whole world. 

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