60 Years Anniversary Celebration And 2019 Modern Agriculture Forum

- Nov 15, 2019-

Nov 9,2019, Under the presence of leaders from Agriculture Ministry, China Academy of Agriculture, Beijing City Science and Technology Commission, China University of Agriculture, Shenyang University of Agriculture, Beijing Industry University, etc., the 60 Years Anniversary Celebration and 2019 Modern Agriculture Forum was held in BAIC Research Center.


In 1959, Beijing Agriculture Machinery Bureau was established, which is the origin of Beijing Kingpeng Greenhouse. After 60 years development, Beijing Kingpeng Greenhouse now exports to more than 60 countries, and keeps No.1 in Market share inside China. Products ranks from traditional Chinese sunlight greenhouse, to multi-span plastic greenhouse, and specialized in high-Tech Modern glass greenhouse.

The greenhouses of KINGPENG are used for flower, vegetable, medical plants, and research function all over the world, no matter it is in dry and hot desert in Saudi Arabia, or in cold snowy Russia, and even in deep Ocean islands. There is a saying as company vision in Kingpeng: WHERE THERE IS SUNSHINE, THERE IS KINGPENG GREENHOUSE.


Second part of the conference is the 2019 Modern Agriculture Forum, and 2 famous Chinese Academy of Sciences came and share the lectures in field of modern agriculture and greenhouse. It is believed that KINGPENG will have a better and bright development with its 60 years solid foundation, and new trails in exploration and innovation.


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