A Kingpeng Greenhouse Project In UAE Has Started Production

- Jul 21, 2020-

In June 2020, a 5000sqm greenhouse project has been finished in Abu Dhabi, UAE and now start to product the cucumber and lettuce.

This project is special designed, manufactured and supervised by Kingpeng and it is large ridge roof design and covered by 8mm double-layer hollow polycarbonate sheet.


It adopts A shape NFT hydroponic system for lettuce and haning hydroponic gutter for cucumber. Under the influence of COVID-19, the price of fresh and safe vegetables has rised a lot and the customer will take this change to provide more and more products to the market. All the output will be supplied to local supermarket, restaurant, hotel and will form a strong food brand in UAE.


Kingpeng is the top greenhouse supplier in China and we provide one-stop service from Design, Manufacturer, Construction to Horticulture Service.

Kingpeng has exported our greenhouse to more than 50 countries all over the world and will keep providing high-quanlity products for all customers.

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