A New Mushroom Greenhouse Structure Is Completed In Shandong Province.

- Nov 19, 2019-

Early this week, in Guozhuang Town, Juxian County, Rizhao City, Shandong Province, a 2 Ha mushroom greenhouse steel structure is completed by KINGPENG.


This greenhouse total area about 2 Ha, with span size 8m, section size 4m, gutter height 4m, specially designed for mushroom production, adopting pad and fan system, external shade system, film roller ventilation system as the structure.


After the construction, KINGPENG will equip it with full system for mushroom production, such as fertigation system and irrigation system.

It will be the largest hi-tech mushroom production greenhouse in this region. Most of the mushroom greenhouse nearby are traditional Chinese sunshine greenhouse, which are also be considered as a good choice for normal farmers, but hard to operate in mechanized way.


KINGPENG will also introduce the latest model of Chinese sunshine greenhouse to the region, which use less concrete and bricks, but a kind of new thermal materials for heat insolation. This new technology has already been tested in several cities with different latitude and proved to be successful and practical.


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