Once Again, Kingpeng Greenhouse Survived Super Cyclonic

- May 26, 2020-

In March 20th, super cyclonic storm “Amphan” hit Kushti city of Bangladesh, which is around 200 km from Mongla Sea Port. The greenhouse built by Kingpeng in 2019 in Kushti city, according to the latest news, survived the super cyclonic though a lot of trees and buildings were seriously damaged. There were some small damages in the greenhouse inevitably, such as PC scratch, and a few fixing parts disassembled, which are easy to get fixed. The greenhouse structure and most parts remain as good as new.


This was not the first time Kingpeng’s greenhouse survived super cyclonic. Kingpeng’s greenhouses have survived American typhoon and Hainan typhoon before.Based on strict quality control, Kingpeng greenhouses were designed based on strict quality standard, that's the reason Kingpeng can always keep quality as priority.

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