Agricultural Park Complex: Where To Go For Greenhouse Business In China?

- Aug 24, 2018-

Three weeks ago, a special greenhouse project has been completed in Shi Jia Zhuang City, Hebei Province, China. This project covers an area of 5.63 hectare and has 13 individual sections with different functions from cultivation, nursery, scientific research, exhibition, tourism, characteristic planting and science popularization education etc.



The entire project is invested by Zhong Hong Group, designed and constructed by Kingpeng and the horticulture service is from Israel. It will be used for the main exhibition base of Tourism Development EXPO in Heibei Province.


This is also a new experiment of Agricultural Park Complex(APC) which is write into the Central First Documents of China Government in 2017 and The APC will be a new way to create a sustainable developments balance among agriculture, urbanization and industrialization.



Agricultural Park Complex(APC) is an integrated park which includes modern agriculture, leisure tourism and pastoral community etc.. It will create a new comprehensive development mode of characteristic town and countryside and blaze a trail to integrate the Primary Industry, Secondary Industry and Tertiary Industry.


Agriculture is the base of China and related to the food production of 1.3 billion people. Now China has more than 0.8 billion farmers which is stuck in low agriculture productivity of countryside and fast urbanization lead to the disconnection between urban and rural areas. Low price vegetable in rural area will be expensive in city and most of the cost is in transportation. The wholesale price is not good even for the large scale greenhouse farmer, moreover, more than 50% vegetable production is from outdoor growing and simple tunnel greenhouse and solar greenhouse. The competitive is very stiff.



In past few year, more and more big greenhouse investors have realized the reality of greenhouse business in China. It’s hard for them to get money back in the next 4-5 years and the food production in greenhouse will not be a good business under the floundering vegetable price and rat race from the outdoor and simple greenhouse product.


They need to change, not stay there and lose money.


Now APC is becoming a more and more popular concept and greenhouse, as the traditional growing facility, has been given new mission and functions and it is flourishing together with the development of the whole country.


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