Agriculture in Desert of Qatar: Qatar will Hold the 8th International Agriculture Exhibition

- Feb 21, 2020-

                                      Agriculture in Desert of Qatar

In Qatar, the summers are long, sweltering, muggy, arid and partly cloudy and the winters are comfortable, dry, windy, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 14°C to 42°C and is rarely below 10°C or above 45°C. The fierce climate limits the development of local agriculture very much. Since15 years ago, local responsible companies such as SAIC Farms, under the leading of Chairman, has started to try the protected agricultural ways in their farms in the desert. So far, they have tried different kinds of greenhouses including high tunnels, multi span greenhouse, shade house, insect net house, etc. to grow vegetables, flowers and other crops, which of course has been proved to be good way for visions of Local Supply, and food safety, as well as water-saving.


At same time, the local government and more and more companies are paying more attention and energy in agriculture, especially protected agriculture and soilless cultivation. The government organizes this exhibition free of charge and invites well-known responsible and professional companies from different countries to show the latest agricultural techniques. KINGPENG, as the leading greenhouse researcher, manufacturer and exporter from China and the only listed greenhouse company in China Stock Market, also one of the earliest greenhouse suppliers of Qatar, has been invited to this professional exhibition for several times from the very beginning

 pc greenhouse

In 2018 the Qatar’s 6th International Agricultural Exhibition, Mr Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi, the Minister of Municipality and Environment, and Dr. Ahmet Fakibaba, Minister of Food, Agriculture & livestock came to Kingpeng’s stand and praised what Kingpeng had done for the agricultural development of Qatar.


In 2020, the 8th exhibition will be held from 17-21 March, and Kingpeng will show together with the new reputable Partner, the famous local agriculture company: AL RAYYAN on same stand. And also a specialized greenhouse sample designed and engineered according to local climate and KINGPENG’s 20 years’ experience in the Arabic countries will be shown. During and after the exhibition, customers can also be organized to visit different kinds of greenhouse in Qatar for both hydroponics and soil cultivation.

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