- Mar 08, 2019-

                                                 The 11th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ALMATY 2019

ALMATY 2019 support by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other institutes will be held on18-20th April 2019.

The subject exhibition”GREENHOUSE,VEGETABLE,GROWING,IRRIGATION”Greenhouses and greenhouse technology, construction of greenhouses, vegetable storage, vegetable crops, the cultivation of tomatoes, energy-saving technologies, supplementary lighting fixtures for greenhouses, substrates, irrigation, microclimate, mobile shelving system, and lettuce seedlings complexes, drip irrigation and temperature control, heating and boiler installation and the water tank, a system blackout agrotextile, curtain systems greenhouses, covering material in the soil, greenhouses and greenhouse equipment for sorting and packing, Vertical farming, Farmland and gardening, seeds, seedlings, planting materials, tools and implements, landscape, landscape design, seed and crop production, plant protection products, fertilizers, pesticides and bee hives, the lines on the cultivation of lettuce and greens. 

During the exhibition there will be a number of company which involved agriculture field and such as future plans and development of agricultural greenhouse industry will be discussed.


Kingpeng's team waits your attention at Booth No.04 in international exhibition center,Almaty Kazakhstan.

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