Ancient Crop Variety Protection In China

- Dec 17, 2019-

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In 12th December, Cerasus humilis industry poverty relief project meeting hold in Beijing Kingpeng Corporation’s R&D center in Beijing, to discuss about Cerasus humilis planting and the idea how to make the industry help with poverty relief works. The vice chairman of BAIC group Mr. Wei Huacheng, present the meeting. The vice chairman of BAIC group Mr. Wei Huacheng, present the meeting.

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During this meeting, Prof. Du  Junjie, Prof. He Junlin from Shan Xi Agriculture University andCerasus humilis Prof. Xiao Yulan from Yulan Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, together with Dr. Zhang Xiaowen from Beijing Agriculture Machinery Institute and Chief engineer of KINGPENG, Dr. Zhou Zengchan, discussed about the Cerasus humilis industry development and industry cooperation.

KINGPENG, as a leading greenhouse company in China, not only engaged in greenhouse R&D, but also focus on society sustainable development. As early as year 2007, KINGPENG already built greenhouse facilities for Three Gorges Dam project for variety proteciton.

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