Another High-point Project Of Kingpeng In China

- Feb 01, 2019-

Recently, good news came from dezhou, shandong province, Kingpeng and shandong dezhou jinbo agricultural science and technology company signed a formal agreement to reach a strategic partner, and then launched a single area of 10 hectares of modern high-end intelligent greenhouse project. The technical level of this project will have a higher starting point and the newest highlights, at the same time, the signing of this project marks a record high sales performance of Kingpeng, single project scale and contract amount have achieved a new breakthrough!


At present, dezhou city of shandong province has been successfully included in the national strategic planning of coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin and hebei and "one region, one ring and one belt". In order to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, dezhou has built a national modern agriculture demonstration zone with the goal of creating "assured farms" in surrounding cities. As an integrated service expert of facility agriculture, Kingpeng technology is a leading brand in the field of facility agriculture and has been sought after by the industry and customers. Dezhou jinbo agricultural company after a lot of actual investigation, careful consideration, Kingpeng finally became its best choice. The two sides will jointly build an agricultural comprehensive industry demonstration park integrating the production, processing, brand marketing, agricultural logistics, science and education training, tourism and sightseeing of featured agricultural products.