Another Kingpeng Upgraded Product—Overhead Spraying Irrigator

- Sep 11, 2018-

Kingpeng overhead spraying irrigator is an automotive irrigation machine with two side arms, specially designed for greenhouse nursery and pot flowers, it is hanged on the double rail pipe fixed on the greenhouse truss, and it can be controlled in moving automatically, irrigation location, irrigation repeat times, irrigation interval by Configurable Logic Block(CLB). Compare to the mostly spraying irrigator’s normal function, Kingpeng overhead spraying irrigator can set and regulate the irrigation repeat times and irrigation interval, make it more convenient and flexible. In addition, there is remote operation and crash voice alarm function in Kingpeng irrigator, it is easier to be controlled and more safe.


The speed can be regulated when the irrigator moving forward and back. With magnetic substance on the rail, it can choose the irrigation location automatically, it will stop spraying when the irrigator cross greenhouse corridor and working place and spraying again when back to the planting area, to keep the greenhouse clean and save water. There are 3 kind of sprayers with different irrigation flow and different atomization, the grower can choose the best irrigation proposal according to the requirement. Kingpeng irrigator has two-stage filter, the first stage is disc filter, the second is screen filter, to make sure the sprayer will not be blocked, of cause, the water resource must be on drip irrigation standard.


Every Kingpeng overhead irrigator has to be custom-made depending on the greenhouse situation and what kind of plant production. It will save labors, and it make the irrigation more accurate. In a word, Kingpeng overhead irrigator is the great assistant for your greenhouse.


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