Another Reseach Greenhouse In Bangladesh This Year

- Jun 25, 2019-

A greeenhouse project for Dhaka university is being constructed in site when you are reading this news, and, what's more, a new reseach greenhouse project materials are being made in China.

Month ago, a new project contract was signed between Kingpeng and one Bangladesh company. The new projecs is 192 sqm with 2 zones, and each zone will have different systems for doing reseach. Two months later, the materials will ariive in the site, and one month after that, the new greenhouse will be nearly completed.

If we classify greenhouse based on function, two main parts will be production greenhouse and reseach greenhouse. Production greenhouses are normally in big size, from thousands sqm to hectares 


And reseach greenhouses are relatively small, a few hundred sqm are normal. Though reseach greenhouses are small, they are playing very important roles in the development of  agriculture technology. Normally different zones are included in reseach greenhouse, and for each zone, different equipments will be provided. By doing comparative experiments, the user can get different results to get their conclusion.

As a professional greenhouse company from China, greenhouses can be customized based on customers' requiements, which makes sure the project are suitbale for use. If you have any requirements to share with us regarding production greenhouse or resaeach greenhouse, we are willing to provide help.

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