Application And Development Of Glass Greenhouse

- Jun 27, 2017-

    Glass as the main light transmittance of the greenhouse, belong to a greenhouse. Long service life, suitable for a variety of regions and a variety of climates, to plant different plants into a variety of different greenhouses. Steel structure: 1. The content of steel structure mainly includes the load-bearing structure of greenhouses and the supporting, connecting parts and sturdy parts of the structure. 2. Materials and construction considerations steel structure used mainly for cold-formed thin-walled steel and hot-rolled steel, in addition to a small number of components used high-strength steel, the rest of the steel is used A3f. Glass greenhouse steel skeleton is generally produced by specialized factories. Because the greenhouse component is in the indoor high humidity environment for a long time, all structural components should be treated with anti-corrosion. Hot Dip galvanizing is usually used in the treatment.Glass Greenhouse
    In order to ensure the effect of anti-corrosion treatment, all components should be processed after the anti-corrosion operation. Do not allow in-situ cutting, sawing, welding and other greenhouse components, such as a small number of site operations also need to carry out anti-corrosion treatment, in the processing or wound place spray anti-corrosion paint. The skeleton should be installed in strict accordance with the drawings and relevant standards, specifications and regulations. At present, it has completed the industry standard of 0 of the main structure of glass greenhouse in China, which can be used as one of the basis for the construction of glass-greenhouse steel structure. At present, the construction of Gbj17-885 steel structure design code 6 and Gbj18-875 cold-formed thin-walled steel structure Technical Specification 6 as the main construction reference. 3. Design considerations At present, there is no special greenhouse design code, the design of glass greenhouse steel structure mainly refer to the Netherlands (NEN3859, NEN3860), Japan (horticultural facilities Structural safety standards) and the United States (NGMA) and other countries of greenhouse design norms. But in the design, we must consider the structural strength, the stiffness of the structure, the integrity of the structure and the durability of the structure.Glass Greenhouse
    Forced ventilation glass Greenhouse although most of the time depends on natural ventilation to regulate the environment, but in the summer when the temperature is higher, especially outside the temperature of more than 33 Shan above the hot weather, the natural ventilation alone is difficult to meet the greenhouse cooling requirements, the use of forced ventilation and with other measures to cool down is a common Forced ventilation is the use of wind turbines to convert electricity or other mechanical energy into wind energy, forced air flow to the greenhouse ventilation and achieve cooling effect. The theoretical cooling limit of forced ventilation is that indoor air temperature equals outdoor air temperature. Because, at this time of the greenhouse inside and outside the temperature difference is zero, ventilation is infinite, in practical application is impossible, due to mechanical equipment and plant physiological reasons, the general greenhouse ventilation intensity of 0.75 times a minute ~. 5 times, can control the temperature difference inside and outside the greenhouse within 5 Shan.Glass Greenhouse