Aquaponics Greenhouse Begins To Take Shape

- Apr 24, 2018-

This greenhouse covered PC sheet in the four sides and the top roof adopts film is starting to take shape in Bahrain,and after coming into use, the greenhouse will not only produce vegetable and flowers, but also supply fish.

Aquaponics Greenhouse-1.png

This multi-function greenhouse aims to solve the problem such as low efficiency of space and resources-by mixed growing vegetable with fish can improve the reusing of water and fertilizer and other resource in greenhouse and to get symbiosis between fish and vegetables achieving a harmonious ecological balance between animals, plants and microorganisms.

Aquaponics Greenhouse-2.jpg   Aquaponics Greenhouse-3.jpg

Aquaponics is a new type of compound farming system. It uses two completely different farming techniques, aquaculture and hydroponics, to achieve scientific synergy through clever ecological design. In order to achieve the fish without changing the water and no water quality concerns, the normal symbiotic effect of growing vegetables without fertilization and normal growth and will be welcomed by more and more farmers.


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