Aquaponics Greenhouse In Bahrain Begin To Produce Vegetable

- Mar 12, 2019-

                                           Aquaponics PC Greenhouse Take into Use

Now the multi-span PC aquaponic greenhouse begins to produce vegetable.This greenhouse designed by Kingpeng and yesterday our team visited  the greenhouse and through communicating with customer we know that now the greenhosue operate favourably and vegetable grows well.


This multi-function greenhouse aims to mix growing vegetable and raising fish which can improve the reusing resource in greenhouse by a low investment and  high income,at same time keeping symbiosis between fish and vegetables  to achieve a harmonious ecological balance between animals, plants and microorganisms.


The aquaponics greenhouse uses eletric control system to adjust greenhouse environment,  and in order to achieve the fish without changing the water and no water quality concerns, the normal symbiotic effect of growing vegetables without fertilization and normal growth and it was welcomed by farmers.



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