AR Diffuse Glass Greenhouse In Astana City

- Jul 03, 2018-

    Together with customer Kingpeng is building 6400 ㎡glass greenhouse in Astana city, Kazakhstan. Client plan grow tomatoes and cucumbers in this greenhouse. Construction work will complete in September 2018.


    As all model vegetable greenhouse, this greenhouse’s metal structure treated by hot galvanizing progress, use aluminum gutter to make less shading and better energy saving. Greenhouse span is 8 meter with double Venlo roof, used double glass as side wall cover material.


 Considering Astana city has high latitude location and weak sunshine, incidence angle of the sun light is very small in winter, advisable client adopted recommendation of Kingpeng team, agreed to use AR diffuse glass with 97.5% transmittance rate as the roof cover material.


AR diffuse glass not only increase light for vegetables, but also has wonderful transmittance rate when there is very small angle of sunlight incident. This cover material is one of best solution for greenhouse in high latitudes countries and regions, such as Kazakhstan, Canada, north European countries.


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