Automatic Control Technology Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Sep 21, 2017-

     The mobile intelligent Greenhouse system is a resource-saving and efficient facility agricultural technology, which combines the technology of computer automatic control and intelligent sensor technology, and it is mainly based on the environment temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide content, illumination, rainfall and soil condition, and so on. To create the best environment for crop growth.Intelligent Greenhouse

     It is clear that how to obtain these environmental information accurately, stably and conveniently becomes the key to the whole system. With the development of short-range wireless communication in recent years, the new Wireless sensor network technology provides a strong technical guarantee for the sensing link in the intelligent greenhouse system.Intelligent Greenhouse

     Intelligent Greenhouse is the result of the application of intelligent control system to the planting of greenhouses, and the most advanced technology is used to simulate the environment for plant growth in the greenhouse. Compared with the artificial control, the greatest benefit of intelligent control is the relatively constant control of the environment inside the canopy, for the higher environmental requirements of plants, more can avoid human factors caused by the loss of production. Intelligent control system will greatly improve the production and quality, especially for the higher-grade cash crops.Intelligent Greenhouse

    According to the needs of the actual detection, the wireless temperature and humidity collection terminals can be installed in the appropriate location, all the temperature and humidity collection terminals using battery power, and wireless data transmission, so no need to consider the power line and data cable installation problems can be Plug and play.Intelligent Greenhouse