Application Of Greenhouse To Avoid Strawberry Dormancy

- Jul 20, 2018-

Strawberry likes cool environment, cold tolerance is good but poor in heat resistance. Especially during the winter, after flower bud differentiation, strawberry will enter into low temperature dormancy state, that lead to a delay on flowering and fruiting stage. But if the solar greenhouse technology is applied to strawberry planting practice, it can avoid this dormancy state very well and make the harvest time of strawberry advance.


Strawberry likes a cool climate, its growth temperature is 10~22 degrees up to the species. In the process of strawberry cultivation, it requires better permeability and sandy loam, in modern facility agriculture, more and more greenhouse use cocopeat to realize soil free cultivation. In addition to using greenhouse warming methods to prevent strawberry dormancy, can also apply biological hormones to achieve the purpose of early harvest. The suitable pH range of strawberry growing substrate is pH5.5~6.8. Furthermore, soil or substrate once be used for growing solanaceae crops such as tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants, they are not suitable for growing strawberry again.

The best plant spacing of strawberry seedlings is about 20cm, if you are using cocopeat bag, 1m bag normally grow 12 strawberries in zigzag configuration. Pay attention to the bow back side face outside to make sure that strawberry fruit better coloring.


In the north of China, farmers usually start growing strawberries since September, until the end of October, temperature drop below 8, In order to prevent strawberries from entering physiological dormancy, begin to move them into greenhouse.

The control of temperature in greenhouse should follow the principle of "high to low". In the early days, daytime temperature needs to be controlled at 30, night temperature controlled at 15. At the bud stage and the flowering period, the daytime temperature is controlled at 25, night temperature is controlled at 10. Fruit and harvest period daily temperature around 23, night temperature around 7.


Based on the growing habit of strawberry, it is very suitable for overwintering cultivation in the greenhouse, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of low temperature dormancy and improving the production efficiency of strawberry, so as to meet the demand of the market.

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