Can You Earn Money From Hi-level Greenhouse

- Sep 25, 2020-

More and more new high-level modern glass greenhouse projects are listed in the next Five-year plan. More than 80% of vegetables are supplied from other provinces in Beijing right now. But the government realized that the local supply is becoming more and more important. The Covid-19 caused big problem to transport the vegetables from other provinces at the beginning of 2020. The lack of fresh vegetables makes inhabitants and local government nervous in a short time. So the huge modern greenhouse plan is under consideration now. How to earn money by the high-level greenhouse is the hot question for the investors and government.


Some high-level glass greenhouse projects have been operating several years around Beijing. The planting time is from September and ended in July for greenhouse growing in Beijing. One-round season can last 10 months. And the average production for big tomato can reach 40Kg/m2 with artificial lighting and enough heating during winter time. 


But the operation cost is as following: Heating cost: 80RMB/m2, labor cost:65RMB/m2, Depreciation:100RMB/m2, other cost:70RMB/m2. The total cost is about 315RMB/m2. If the production’s wholesale price is 8RMB/m2, the profit is 5RMB/m2. It can reach balance more or less finally on the basis of providing data. 


The key factors are yield and operation cost. But the labor cost is increasing quickly in China while the vegetables price is also going up slowly together with the income. If the investor wants to earn more money, The yield improving and cost control is the key job for project management team. Kingpeng will continue to do our support to help the clients to get the best return from the greenhouse.

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