Cannabis/HEMP Greenhouse Varieties And Methods To Transform Normal Greenhouse To Cannabis/HEMP Greenhouse

- Nov 22, 2019-

Among 50 States of USA, 10 of them are legalized in cannabis, and 33 are legal on HEMP. And some European countries, Canada, Thailand are also inclined to get this business legalized. Now the cannabis production is mainly in 2 ways: open land and protected facilities. The protected facilities mainly nclude tent which is normally with a small size, storeroom or basement or greenhouse, among which, the greenhouse cultivation is more and more popular because of the cost of energy for light, heating, cooling, etc.

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From couple of years ago, KINGPENG started the research and designing of the HEMP greenhouse for USA market with the following 3 kinds of greenhouse: Grow Container for individual growers with smaller land and test purpose. The high-tunnel greenhouse for medium need growers and partner-growers. And Multi-span large scale greenhouse for certain firms with enough license and demand.

Normally the HEMP greenhouse will have separate function rooms according to the cultivation need: Nursery Room, Veg Propagation Room, and Flower Room. For different rooms, the equipment and facilities, such as shade, cooling, and light, etc. will be designed differently according to the need of plant.

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Kingpeng Greenhouse, as the leading greenhouse started from 1959 in China, has sent teams to visit lots of farms in different States in USA and tried to find out  the possibilities of upgrading the existed facilities and greenhouses to make it suitable for HEMP grow with lowest extra cost.

Normally the First step of the upgrading will be the “blackout system”.

For greenhouse roof and walls, KINGPENG recommends 99.9% shading rate blackout screen from China to replace the present shade screen which is normally with shade rate from 45-75%.

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Furthermore, the normal exhaust fans of the greenhouse will be equipped with a special designed hood named “Light Trap”. “Together with some other small changes, such as LED lights and climate control system, etc., the greenhouses are hoped to be available for HEMP cultivation soon.” Said Mike Wang, a greenhouse consultant from KINGPENG. “Turn to KINGPENG, we can transform your old vegetable greenhouse into HEMP greenhouse with the lowest cost and shortest time, and we are confident on it.”

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