Causes And Harms Of Soil Salt Accumulation In Greenhouse Of Intelligent Greenhouses

- May 26, 2017-

Soil salt accumulation means that the soil salt content is too high. This kind of soil with too much salt will bring a certain unfavorable effect on the cultivation of the greenhouse, and affect the growth of the crops. Here, we will give you a detailed account of the reasons for the Intelligent Greenhouse salt accumulation and the harm caused by salt.

Reason: The direct fuse of the problem of salt accumulation to crop growth is that the amount of fertilizer in the soil Intelligent Greenhouse is too large, the main nitrogen or potash fertilizer will make a large amount of ions in the free State, affecting the normal growth of intelligent greenhouse crops.

Hazard: The harm caused by soil salt accumulation mainly includes the following aspects:

First, the soil accumulates the salt, Intelligent Greenhouse will affect the intelligent greenhouse soil water infiltration, finally affects the greenhouse crops to the nutrient material absorption.

Second, the accumulation of salt in the soil, especially soluble salts, can increase the concentration of soil solution and exceed the buffering capacity of the soil, so that the growth of crops is inhibited, so that users have to abandon the cultivation of crops.

The harm caused by soil salt accumulation is still quite serious, Qingzhou Dongyang Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. reminds users, Intelligent Greenhouse in the daily production of intelligent greenhouse, we must pay attention to strengthen the protection of soil, rational fertilization, the problem of excessive fertilization, Intelligent Greenhouse reduce the degree of soil salinization, in order to ensure that the intelligent greenhouse soil can be sustained, good growth of crops.