Characteristics Of Glass Intelligent Greenhouse

- Jul 15, 2017-

             Glass Greenhouse is a greenhouse of glass as daylighting material, belonging to a kind of intelligent greenhouse, in the cultivation facilities, glass greenhouse as the longest life form, suitable for many regions and various climatic conditions. In the industry to span and the size of the bay is divided into the construction model, and different use of the way is divided into: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, nursery glass greenhouse, ecological glass greenhouse, research glass greenhouse, stereo glass greenhouse, special glass greenhouse, leisure glass greenhouse, intelligent glass greenhouse and so on. The area and use of the method can be freely redeployed, the smallest garden leisure type, large height of up to 10 meters, span up to 16 meters, the maximum can reach 10 meters, the level of intelligence can reach a key control. The heating problem of glass greenhouse in winter can be adopted by many kinds of heating methods, and the cost of energy consumption is centered.Intelligent Greenhouse

            Glass greenhouses, high transmittance, very suitable for high light crops. Single-layer glass-covered greenhouses are called single-layer glass greenhouses, which are called double-layer insulating glass greenhouses. Building glass greenhouse used ordinary glass is generally float flat glass, usually choose 4mm, 5mm thick two kinds of specifications, Europe and the United States and other regions commonly used 4mm thick glass, in the hail area to choose 5mm thick specifications. Mainly used in the structure of steel frame, mainly for the cultivation of vegetable seedlings, vegetable cultivation, fruits and common flowers and so on. Long service life, good stability, rain-proof, wind and other functions, high degree of automation. The characteristics of the glass greenhouse Project are as follows: The Glass Glasshouse is modern, novel, stable in structure, smooth in vision and high in transmittance.Intelligent Greenhouse

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