Kingpeng Was Elected As Vice President Of China Facility Horticulture Technology And Industrial Innovation Alliance

- Apr 03, 2018-

25th March, the " China Facility Horticulture Technology and Industrial Innovation Alliance " which sponsored by the vegetable industry technology system mechanization laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, the Shenyang Agricultural University and the, was held in Shenyang Agricultural University. More than 100 representatives attend this conference, including managers, experts and scholars of National Facilities Horticulture Industry and relevant enterprises and public institutions. In this conference, Kingpeng was elected vice president and Mr. Guo Bin, the general manager of Kingpeng, was elected vice director.


It is introduced by Mr. Li Tianlai, a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Shenyang Agricultural University that the facility horticulture industry has been developed rapidly in recent twenty years. The establishment of t China Facility Horticulture Technology and Industrial Innovation Alliance aims to gather and coordinate the advantages and forces of the national facilities horticulture production and research by means of leading industrial technical difficulties, gathering of advantages of scientific research resources and ensuring the guarantee of scientific operation mechanism, and jointly exploring new mechanisms and new modes of production and research combining advantages. The alliance tackled major strategic problems, common key technologies and key technical issues of regional development.


As the leader of Chinese science and technology, Kingpeng has been a world famous brand from a national brand. Kingpeng adheres to the road of Chinese facility horticulture - energy conservation, ecology, safety and low cost. It is committed to modernize the facilities construction, modernize the environment control and modernize the production equipment. Kingpeng promotes the "going out" of China's facilities agriculture, and builds the whole industry chain service mode of the agricultural facilities industry. Kingpeng was elected as vice president of China Facility Horticulture Technology and Industrial Innovation Alliance. It highlights the position of Kingpeng in the field of China's facilities agriculture and has greatly encouraged Kingpeng to achieve the goal of continuing to lead the industry development in the future and the vision of a global competitive. In such a platform, gathering of wisdom and authority, Kingpeng will be pushed forward.