Chinese And Dutch Companies Are Working Together To Promote The Development Of Chinese Facility Agriculture

- Oct 02, 2020-

In September, the show of China-Netherlands Facility Agriculture was held jointly by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China, and Pinggu District Government. More than 100 people from Beijing and the Netherlands, including government leaders, business leaders, experts, and journalists, attended the show. Excellent enterprises from the industrial chain of facility agriculture in China and in Netherlands were invited to participate in this activity. The purpose of this event is to deepen mutual understanding and promote development and cooperation.


As invited experts, professor Zhou, vice general manager of Kingpeng, attended the meeting and gave a speech, reporting in detail the achievements of Kingpeng, as well as a series of high-tech products adapted to the market demand.


                                                   Kingpeng high-tech products: plant factory 


                                               Application project of technology industrialization

Professor Zhou matched supply and demand with Dutch companies in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The two parties discussed how to continuously build a direct and smooth platform for exchanges and cooperation, promote further cooperation opportunities, broaden cooperation areas and carry out in-depth and pragmatic business docking and cooperation negotiations.


Kingpeng is always in line with international technology. We integrate soilless cultivation technology, intelligent equipment, intelligent control technology, plant protection technology and so on. With the goal of realizing factorization, safety, standardization, specialization and large-scale production of plants, Kingpeng promotes the technical level improvement and industrialization process of Facility agriculture in China.

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