Common Cucumber Diseases And Prevention Methods

- Aug 28, 2020-

For cucumber greenhouse farmers, you may encounter the following troubles. The following are the common diseases and special characteristics. There are some solutions may help you!

1.Cucumber Downy Mildew


The pathogen is Pseudodownon cuban, which often occurs from colonization to fruiting stage, and mainly leaves damage.
Water-stained spots appeared in the veins of diseased leaves at the beginning, and then gradually enlarged, but restricted by the veins. In the wet state, the lesions on the back of the leaves are more prominent, and the whole plant dies after the leaves turn yellow in the later stage.
Control Methods: fine nail cream· manganese zinc, cymoxanil· manganese zinc, enoyl· manganese zinc, dimethomorph, flumorph, etc.

2.Fusarium Wilt


The pathogen is Cucumber Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium oxysporum Cucumber Specialized), which can be affected throughout the growth lifetime, but is more common in the fruiting period.
The initial plants seem to wilt like dehydration, and sooner or later they can recover on their own. As the disease progresses, the stems will become severely discolored and shrink and crack, and the plants will eventually wither and die.
Control Methods: At the initial stage, the roots can be irrigated with methamexan or Bacillus subtilis

3.Powdery Mildew


The pathogen is monofilamentous

powdery mildew, which can be affected from seedling to harvest, and the leaves are mainly damaged.
There will be small white round pink spots on the front and back of the disease. In severe cases, the spots are connected and the whole leaf is covered with white powder.
Control Methods: ethoxyfen, tetraflurane, kresoxim-methyl, penconazole, etc.

4.Cucumber Phytophthora Blight


The pathogen is Phytophthora melonis, which can occur in both the seedling and adult stages, and is more common in cucumber colonization.
The disease occurs on the leaves, mostly from the edge of the leaf. The diseased spots appear as irregular water-soaked spots. They develop rapidly when the humidity is high, and do not dry up when they are dry. The stems are onset, constriction, and the upper leaves wither; the fruits are diseased, soft and rotted. White mold.
Prevention and treatment agents: oxazol ether· Dysenlian, Wangtong· Metalaxyl, Dienoyl· Metalaxyl, Azoxystrobin, Mehalamoxifen, etc.

5.Gray mold of Cucumber 


The pathogen is Botrytis cinerea. The main damage is the melon strips. It will begin to develop during the flowering period. The petals will shrink and fall off severely. The most obvious feature is Botrytis cinerea.
Control methods: pyrimethanil, pyraclostrobin·fluoroamide, boscalid, procymidone, procymidone, etc.

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