Computer Control System Of Greenhouse Environment

- Jul 31, 2020-

Greenhouse Environment Computer Control System 

JP / WSK automatic intelligent greenhouse control system which integrated use of computer network technology and the PC communication technology plus monitoring and control station, to achieve decentralized acquisition control, centralized operation and management. Relatively independent design of this system makes the system with a powerful, superior performance, flexible configuration, safe and reliable, etc. The system can automatically detect the temperature, light intensity and outdoor weather parameters, and according to the actual needs of each in-put conditions for electrical equipment, and each electrical equipment can be opened according to the needs of stage, greatly improving the greenhouse control accuracy, and realistic animation, sound data query and alarm and other functions.


Consists of System

The control system consists of JP / WSK-PLC controller, temperature and humidity, light sensors, outdoor weather stations, brand-name PC and printer components.


Network Technology

The system data collected and controlled by the PLC control key, and the PC machine and other devices connected by using serial communication, only using the two-core cable devices can be connected each other, thus not only greatly saves the number of cables and reduces the wiring layout difficulties, and can adjust and expand the system according to the specific situation at any time. Network transmission distance can reach up to 1000 meters.


Sensor Characteristics

The selected sensor has the advantages of simple interface, stable performance and reliable operation. The temperature and humidity sensors use high-quality imported components, and completely solve the current domestic and foreign problem that the temperature and humidity sensors are easily invalid in greenhouse environment because can not bear high temperature and ensure the reliability and stability of the system.


System Functions

JP / WSK-PLC system greenhouse controller can automatically detect the temperature, humidity, light and other link systems in the greenhouse, and automatically turn on and off the sensors according to the temperature and humidity set by the user, such as roof window, shading curtain and wet pad fan. And according to user’s needs in stage to open windows, pull screen, and greatly improving the greenhouse control accuracy. At the same time, the outdoor weather station can be connected to detect the outdoor meteorological parameters. Accordance to the control requirements the system can control the implementation of the structure. It is particular and can be used to control the temperature and humidity, especially suitable for China's economically efficient greenhouse control requirements.