Computer System Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Jun 27, 2017-

   Intelligent greenhouses (usually referred to as a greenhouse or a modern greenhouse) are born, it is an advanced type of facility agriculture, with integrated environmental control system, which can directly regulate indoor temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas and many other factors, can achieve the year-round high yield, steady fine vegetables, flowers, economic benefits. In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction of vegetable greenhouses in Shouguang, the winter warm-yang intelligent greenhouse has brought impetus to the development of agriculture. The control of intelligent greenhouse is composed of signal acquisition system, Central computer, control system.Intelligent Greenhouse
   According to the data and control parameters required by the planting crop, the computer operator can realize unmanned automatic operation, the data collected by the computer are accurately displayed and counted, which provide a reliable basis for expert decision-making. The control cabinet is provided with manual/automatic switch and can be operated manually when necessary. In greenhouse environment, the Tandong greenhouse can be used as a measurement control area of wireless sensor network, using different sensor nodes and nodes with simple actuators, such as fan, low-voltage motor, valve and other operating current of the actuator, constitute a wireless network to measure the substrate humidity, composition, ph value, temperature and air humidity, air pressure, light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, and then through the model analysis, automatic regulation of greenhouse environment, control irrigation and fertilization operations, To obtain the best conditions for plant growth.Intelligent Greenhouse
   For the agricultural park in the greenhouse, the internet of things can also realize automatic information detection and control. Each wireless sensor node monitors various environmental parameters by equipping it with a wireless sensor node. Storage, display, and data management by receiving data sent from a wireless sensor aggregation node. Can realize all base test point information acquisition, management and analysis processing, and the intuitive chart and curve display to each greenhouse users, at the same time, according to plant needs to provide a variety of sound and light alarm information and SMS alarm information, to achieve greenhouse intensification, network remote management.Intelligent Greenhouse