Congratulations To KINGPENG For Its Historic High

- Dec 18, 2020-

During the Spring Festival in 2020, COVID-19 continued to spread around the world and worse of all, it repeated many times in some countries. The global economy has been severely affected and on a downward trend, especially for import & export business all over the world. All countries are facing huge challenge to promote the economy recovery.


In this difficult situation, KINGPENG team has taken a series of measures to stop the decline of performance.


Fortunately, until December, both domestic and international effective contract amounts all have reached the historical peak. In particular, the international turnover of KINGPENG has broken the record and reach 3 times of turnover in 2019.


glass greenhouse

In summary, the harvest of KINGPENG in 2020 benefits from the following aspects:


In the context of global COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, the whole world and domestic cities in China began the lockdown to avoid the spread of epidemic. KINGPENG strengthened the epidemic prevention and control in company and promote the resumption of work and production orderly.

In 2020, KINGPENG has continue to serve 23 projects of clients who have KINGPENG greenhouse and implement 116 new projects (including 43 projects overseas). The total construction area of the whole year has reached 119 hectares and 57% of them has been finished successfully. Now the biggest project under construction is the 37 hectares glass greenhouse project in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia of China. It will be finished before mid of 2021. Construction is also under way on projects in dozens of countries, including the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, etc.


From facemask to warmly greetings, KINGPENG really appreciate the help and support of our international partner, supplier, clients from the early beginning of epidemic.

From greenhouse related hardware to technical support, our European supplier, especially the Netherland suppliers, has guaranteed the continuous supply to KINGPENG.


We appreciate our clients from 63 countries all over the world and they keep their trust of our products and our service, and show their understanding and acceptance of our on-line supervision of the construction. It is their support which encouraged KINGPENG to stay up under the COVID-19 situation and to realize our huge harvest in 2020. Here KINGPENG team want to say thanks to all these kind and lovely people.


These achievements we gotten also benefit from the accumulation of KINGPENG itself. The whole KINGPENG team keep improving on the work, strictly controlling the quality, and giving top priority to customer service.

Hangzhou Doer Company Limited is one of the leading suppliers in China, we have been specializing in the field of auto accessories for over many years.

installation onsite

These achievements cannot be separated from the concerted efforts of KINGPENG team, cannot be separated from the original intention of promoting modern greenhouse equipment agriculture, and cannot be separated from the fact that KINGPENG always takes customers as the starting point and provides customers with high quality products and services as the goal.

Take the technical team for example, in 2020, for the 43 overseas projects under construction, KINGPENG technical team supplies 7*24 on-line technical service including video chat training, written instructions, 3D drawings, installation photos and videos, etc. which is not a 100% perfect solution but an irreplaceable and memorable way for clients.

2020 is an extraordinary and turbulent year for all countries around the world. With KINGPENG people’s hard work and teamwork spirit, with the support from all partners, suppliers and clients, KINGPENG has made a historic breakthrough. We all believe the COVID will be controlled and terminated soon under the cooperation of our brave and industrious people all over the world like KINGPENG team.