Construction Of Intelligent Greenhouse Facility Agriculture Development In A New Direction

- Jul 08, 2016-

Facilities agriculture is an integrated concept, first of all to have a supporting system of technical support, then must produce benefits. This requires the selection of facilities and equipment, and management work closely together.

With the development of agriculture, the intelligent greenhouse (usually referred to as greenhouse or greenhouse) and with it, it is an advanced type of facility agriculture, has integrated environmental control system, using the system can directly regulate the interior temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas, and many other factors, can achieve high yielding, fine steadily all year round vegetables, flowers, good economic returns.

Present situation, development of domestic intelligent greenhouse

Intelligent greenhouse area steadily increased in China, but due to the high cost of intelligent greenhouse, use also requires a lot of money, so domestic so far, intelligent greenhouse users are enterprises and units. On the technical side, complete involving machinery, greenhouse structure, measuring and control technology, the current study focused on greenhouse environmental parameters control technology, is the core of intelligent greenhouse technology. By referring to foreign products and exploration, China has developed a more mature greenhouse structure.

Application of greenhouse environmental parameters control system is to improve the greenhouse cultivation and management techniques of content, really adapted to plant vegetables the most effective means of production. Meanwhile, control system's core technology is the most secret part of foreign manufacturers. Currently the research and development on their own, have established their own intellectual property, but I still can't and some greenhouse power, such as the Netherlands, and Israel and other countries in comparison.