An Unexpected Surprise,When The Container Meets Plant Factory -Application of container plant factory technology

- May 28, 2019-

Container plant factory is a kind of micro-plant factory with high automation and free from external environment. The plant growth cycle is shorter than that of the solar greenhouse, the yield per plant is higher than that of the solar greenhouse, the growth rate is faster, and the growth performance is more stable.

figure 1

Plant factory can greatly improve the unit land use rate, yield and economic benefits. It has high degree of automation, production planning and has features as making agricultural products safe and pollution-free, saving production and operation of labor. It is conducive to getting rid of the restrictions of resources and environment and realizing the sustainable development of agriculture in extremely harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, plant factory is considered as an important way to solve the world's resource, population and environmental problems in the 21st century, as well as an important way to achieve food self-sufficiency in the future high-tech projects (such as aerospace engineering and ocean exploration).

Micro-plant factory is a further enrichment of plant factory technology. It is integrated in a small closed space. It controls the regulation of plant growth environment through the intelligent automatic control system, and supplies crop suitable illumination, temperature, humidity, nutrient circulation system, remote control system of the Internet of things, etc. As shown in figure below. The commonly used size is 40 'container plant factory, inside diameter: 12024mm×2352mm×2390mm and inner diameter of 20’ container plant factory: 5898mm×2352mm×2390mm, or customized size according to user requirements.

figure 2

The shell is a standard container. The inner wall of the container is first pasted with asbestos insulation layer, and the outer wall is pasted with a layer of color steel plate, which makes the wall more beautiful and makes insulation of the box and the cleaning of the wall easier. The rising and cooling systems are mainly regulated by air conditioners and equipped with fresh air systems to ensure the internal air circulation. Container plant factory is a representative form of micro plant factory. The box is completely covered by iron sheet, which is convenient for transportation. The closed environment can isolate the internal planting environment from the external environment.

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