Newest Container Plant Factory For Strawberry

- Dec 27, 2019-

Plant Factory for strawberry

Newest container plant factory for strawberry is running in KINGPENG's R&D center in Beijing.  Kingpeng has developed container plant factory for leaf vegetables since year 2015. After that, the research of grow strawberry in container has started.

Container plant factory is one of the most popular idea and one of the most modern way for crop production under extreme climate. This container plant factory developed by KINGPENG is fully re-constructed with heat isolation material which makes in-door climate stable. Growing shelf in the container is also using suitable lights for different plants. Hydroponic growing way and CO2 supplement is obtained inside container to maximize the production. Indoor climate is controlled by mini controller which makes easy operation for your planting work.

Each container can run individually, but it’s also possible for running in container groups. Want to know more about our plant factory, please do not hesitate to contact us!

container plant factory

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