Control System Description Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Jul 09, 2017-

    The factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity and soil temperature and water content in greenhouse are very important to the growth of greenhouse. The Greenhouse Automation control system is based on PLC, which uses the computer distributed network control structure to the greenhouse. The air temperature in the Greenhouse automation control system, soil temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, soil moisture, light intensity, water flow, ph value, EC value and other parameters are automatically adjusted and tested in real time, and the best environment for plant growth is created, so that the environment in greenhouse is close to the ideal value of artificial vision to meet the needs of greenhouse crop growth. It is suitable for seedling breeding, high yield cultivation, rare and precious flower cultivation, so as to increase the output of greenhouse products and improve labor productivity. is a successful example of modern agricultural services with high technology achievements for large-scale production.Intelligent Greenhouse
    According to the data and control parameters required by the planting crop, the computer operator can realize unmanned automatic operation, the data collected by the computer are accurately displayed and counted, which provide a reliable basis for expert decision-making. The control cabinet is provided with manual/automatic switch and can be operated manually when necessary. Greenhouse Automation control system is based on greenhouse temperature and humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature and other sensors collected information, using RS485 bus to the sensor information to 485 232 converter, to the upper computer to display, Alarm, query.Intelligent Greenhouse
   The monitoring center will receive the sampled data in tabular form and storage, and then compare it with the set alarm value, if the measured value exceeds the set range, then the screen display alarm or voice alarm, and print records. At the same time, the Monitoring center can send the control instructions to the field controller, and the monitor will control the air blower, water pump and so on according to the instruction, so as to ensure the growing environment of the crops in the greenhouse. The monitoring Center can also activate the sound and light alarm device on the spot monitor through the alarm instruction, notify the Greenhouse manager to take the corresponding measures to ensure the environment in the greenhouse is normal. Application of IoT technology in intelligent Greenhouse in fact, IoT technology is the aggregation and integration of various perceptual technology, modern network technology and artificial intelligence and automation technology.Intelligent Greenhouse