Control System From Kingpeng

- Apr 06, 2019-

It is obvious that greenhouses or facility agriculture as a fast develop in every corner of the world. More and more people would like to use soilless growing methods to produce heather foods. 

But soilless growing is not that easy to manage, in a greenhouse, the grower needs to consider the temperature, humidity, sunlight and CO2. Sometimes we need to focus on one specific parameter, and sometimes we need to evaluate all environment situations and make the final decision.

So, when we need to control the, humidity, sunlight or CO2? How much we want to get? That's the knowledge we need to learn and do the manage work.

greenhouse control

For easier control, an automatic control system will be helpful to operate a greenhouse. KINGPENG already have a complete greenhouse control system along with our greenhouses. Similar with other greenhouse controllers, Kingpeng's control system can also help you to control each greenhouse systems and help you to get a required environment for crops. System including temperature, humidity, sunlight and CO2, were determined by high quality sensors and send to main computer. Then the control system will decide to operate which system.

automatic control system

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