Cooperation Between Kingpeng And King Saudi University On Hydroponic Farm Developing In Saudi Arabia

- Nov 10, 2017-

In the middle of October, 2017, A team led by the Vice General Manager, Mr. Liang Qi, from Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-Tech Corporation (KINGPENG) visited King Saudi University (K.S.U.) and have had fruitful meetings with Dr. Ahmed S. Al-Aameri (Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research), Dr. Nasser A. Al-Suhaibani (Dean of the College of Food and Agricultural Sciences) and other leaders from K.S.U..



Based on the K.S.U.'s scientific research greenhouse project from Kingpeng and the mutual communication and cooperation for many years, both parties share their technology, experience and views about the greenhouse design, climate control and plant's growing in Saudi Arabia and the future trend for agriculture and greenhouse under the “Saudi Vision 2030”. 


The “Saudi Vision 2030” is considered to be as a basic step towards transforming the economy from a merely petrochemical focus to a diverse economy. The 2030 vision for agriculture is focusing on privatization and the well-being of Saudi citizens. It includes the protection of national resources and providing food for the population.


Kingpeng Team presented their new projects, technologies, experiences and research fruits adopted these years, such as Multistorey Cropping, Solar Energy Panels, DFT, NFT, New Plant Factory etc., and K.S.U. introduced their scientific research progress, experiences and achievements in their research center and also government policy and support for agriculture research and commercial promotion.


On the basis of understanding and support for each other between KINGPENG and K.S.U., both parties wish to promote the Saudi greenhouse industry, especially hydroponic growing and temperature control, vertical farming technology in Saudi Arabia and a MOU is signed to provide a preliminary step for future collaboration between KSU and KINGPENG.  KINGPENG and K.S.U. will hold a number of activities and initiatives, such as developing greenhouse technology for Saudi Arabia, arranging bilateral visits for training and research, organize workshop and meetings in Saudi Arabia etc., to commence the development of the collaboration between KSU and KINGPENG and accelerate the modernization and commercial of greenhouse agriculture facility and technology in Saudi Arabia.


K.S.U. was founded in 1957 and it is Saudi Arabia’s premier knowledge-sharing University with a wide range of colleges, advanced research centers, and collaborations with distinguished researchers around the globe. KSU focuses on the highest quality of education, research and entrepreneurship in order to prepare graduates for a brighter future.  KSU aims to disseminate and promote knowledge in Saudi Arabia, maintaining a competitive edge with other nations in all scientific fields and contributing to discovery and invention.

KINGPENG is the biggest greenhouse manufacturer and exporter in China, which has been involved in greenhouse business for about 60 years. In recent years, KINGPENG has focused on carrying out capital operation and international strategies that has driven the development in international technical communication and cooperation.

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