Cooperation Between Kingpeng And Universities

- Nov 18, 2016-

                           Cooperation between Kingpeng and Universities----undertake social responsibility

August 1, 2014, Kingpeng organized a annual summer practice activities in order to actively participate in the work of talent training in colleges and universities and take over  social responsibility and promote the deep cooperation and exchange between enterprises and universities, thus to provide students with "practical combining with  knowledge" practice opportunities, so that students really participate in the production practice and to improve students 'professional skills and practical innovate ability, enhance students' comprehensive understanding of society and enterprises, which for students could  accumulate more social practical experience.

In order to provide students with the opportunity to practice in line with their majors, the students from Northwest A&F University, Shandong Agricultural University and Tarim University are invited to take part in the activities. In order to offer them a practical opportunity consistent with their professional knowledge and accumulate more valuable practical experience, Kingpeng arranged students in different groups according to the students' majors.

In addition, Kingpeng arranged for the students to conduct on-site training for "modern greenhouse facilities" and "horticultural cultivation".

Students with a curious mood to participate in the work they have never experienced from the scientific research base to the construction site with passion and sweat in exchange for valuable knowledge and experience; And they experienced from the initial curiosity, confusion, worry to the final insistence, happy and dismay; feel the different between classroom theory and real work, although only 20 days, the students have benefited a lot and have a new understanding for life and work in the future.