Description Of Cooling System Technology

- Sep 12, 2017-

     The system cooling tower, refrigeration engine, cooling pump and refrigeration pump should be the corresponding open, should use electric valve control water flow, must not let the water flow through the closed department of the pipeline, but affect the disposal efficiency. The sequence of boot is: cooling water pump, electric valve, cooling tower, frozen host, the order of shutdown is the opposite, and the freezer shutdown to be half an hour early. 30kW above cooling water pump should use soft start, multiple parallel, preferably with frequency conversion control, credentials outside the weather settings conditioning pump power, energy-saving effect is better.Cooling System

      Cooling tower fan using two-speed electromechanical and appropriate adjustment of fan blade angle for energy-saving noise has a significant effect. Whether the credentials set the pool setting location, there is a divergence of the recurring water cooling system. Transmigration pump head is very important, just consider along the path resistance, outflow and cooling tower in and out of the water level difference, usually take 25m or so, and the height of the cooling tower is not big relationship. Cooling water pump head H, the calculation formula below: H=k (Hf+hd+hm+hs+ho) K for Peace coefficient, take 1. 1~1. 2: H\HD for cooling water pipeline along the course of resistance and local resistance; h is the resistance of the condenser in the refrigerating unit; H. The outflow head at the nozzle.Cooling System

      Cooling tower is for the refrigeration of the host service, should be as close as possible to serve the object to shorten the cooling water pipeline, should try to set the cooling tower in the main wind direction of the building under the wind direction of the more ventilated place, both easy to operate and install, but also as far as possible less impact. The main noise of the cooling tower comes from the vibration of the electromechanical, fan, water and tower, and the rubber soft joint and the root base of the adjacent tower pipe should be weighed. Equipment wet important, should be submitted to the structure of professional design beam board and equipment Root Foundation when the full discretion.Cooling System

     No fan cooling tower use, in addition to the need for a slightly larger footprint and larger outflow head, there are many advantages, energy saving and saving noise, reduce maintenance and failure rate, because no vibration can save the active joints in the pipeline.Cooling System